Energy Efficient Solutions for Your Business.


Self Sustain specialises in supplying energy efficient solutions to business customers:

    • 6 and 12 month Energy Efficiency Projects for Small and Medium Businesses
    • Lighting retrofit projects
    • VEET facilitated projects with VEEC certificates
    • Reports compiled to a variety of Australian Standards
      (Energy Audits Levels 1-3, Lighting Audits, Greenhouse Gas Accounting)


The Victorian Government Victorian Energy Efficient Target (VEET) program & the NSW Government Energy Saving Scheme (ESS) are designed to provide subsidies to customers.

To receive these subsidies, we use energy saving products that are accredited under the Victorian VEET and the NSW ESS program.

VEET and ESS Explained

The Victorian Energy Efficient Target ( VEET)
This is a Victorian scheme to offset the cost of upgrading to energy efficient products for your business. These products are accredited to produce energy certificates (Victorian Energy Efficient Certificates) which are tradeable. You have to be an Accredited Certificate Provider (ACP) to trade these certificates. Self Sustain is partnered with businesses who are ACPs.
Go here for more information: https://www.veet.vic.gov.au

The NSW Energy Saving Scheme (ESS)
The Energy Saving Scheme (ESS) NSW . This is the equivalent NSW program that uses the same framework as the Victorian Scheme. NSW Certificates are known as Energy Saving Certificates (ESCs).
Go here for more information: http://www.ess.nsw.gov.au